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Patio Mist Fan - Standard
  • Patio Mist Fan - Standard

Patio Mist Fan - Standard

$2,995 - 50%
  • Black
  • sky-blue

Key Features
    Easy maintenance
    Best fit for small area 40 sq.
    Water tang size 40 lites continue usage 6 hr.
    3 Wind Speed Fan W/T or W/O water 

The benefits are
1) to reduce surrounding temperature between 5-10 °c 
2) to repel mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects 
3) to help suppress dust 
4) to eliminate unwanted odors 
5) to increase the oxygen in the air 
6) eco-friendly (no CFC emissions which cause global warming ) 

Required to used under ceiling or coverage, self assembly

https://umall.hk/en/heater-fan/116-111-mist-fan-cover.html#/37-size-26_inches $370

For self assembly, it is required to send back to our warehouse to check if you encounter any problem, no exception.

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Easy maintenance
Water tank size 41 liters for 6-hr usage.
Height 175cm
3 Wind Speed Fan W/T or W/O water

cover +$350 (26") or +$430 (30")