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Pizza stone

Use the Weber Pizza Stone to create perfectly cooked pizza each and every time. The stone is designed to resist high grilling temperatures while creating an even cooking surface. 14" pizza stone, good for cooking on gas / charcoal BBQ or...

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Rocking pizza cutter

Rocking Pizza Cutter with Hardwood HandleSize: 35 X 12 X 1.5CM Cut the perfect pizza slice portion with the Rocking Pizza Cutter from RocksHeat. The pre-sharpened blade is attached to a rubber grip to allow for comfortable use while rocking the...

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20kg Lychee Wood Firewood

Lychee Hardwood Firewood. We also offer special service to businesses who use logs as fuel preparing food for steak houses, pizza shops, bread bakers, etc. We only sell selected hardwood species, ensuring maximum heat output, slow burning as well...

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