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  • BBQ Grill cover

    HKD$300.00 Regular price HKD$600.00 -50% Price
  • Basic Equipment Hand...

    HKD$242.00 Regular price HKD$484.00 -50% Price
    Practical set for all hobby gardeners

    The GARDENA Basic Set Hand Tools will get you off to a good start in garden care and the world of GARDENA Hand Tools. The practical starter set includes a hand trowel, a weeding trowel, secateurs and a pair of planting and soil gloves.
    Use: Planting and transplanting, removing grass, moss, weeds and cutting smaller flowers and small shoots
  • Hand held WashBrush

    HKD$105.50 Regular price HKD$211.00 -50% Price
    Cleans sensitive areas

    Through the flat, narrow shape, you can easily reach all narrow spaces and corners.
    Use: For cleaning garden furniture, garage doors, vehicles etc.
    Warranty: 5 years
  • City Gardening Balcony...

    HKD$513.60 Regular price HKD$642.00 -20% Price
    The perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners.

    The GARDENA Balcony Box is the perfect set for all balcony and terrace gardeners. This set includes a trowel, a grubber, secateurs and a hand brush. All of these tools, along with additional utensils, have room in the spacious plastic box, which has a lid that doubles as a dustpan. The set is a handy holder of everything you need for caring for and landscaping balcony and terrace gardens.
    Use: Planting, loosening soil, cutting flowers/herbs and sweeping up dirt on balconies/terraces
  • Comfort Boxwood Secateurs

    HKD$293.60 Regular price HKD$367.00 -20% Price
    Tire-free work - non-stick coated

    The GARDENA Comfort Boxwood Secateurs are particularly suited for the precise and easy shaping of shrubs, such as boxwood. With their 615 g, they are very light. The ergonomic design allows tire-free work. Optimal shock absorption is guaranteed by the integral Technogel® gel pads in the handle grips and the additional buffers with soft plastic components. The 18 cm long blades are precision-ground and non-stick coated. This allows easy and precise cutting. The Boxwood Secateurs have an integrated branch-cutter and a total length of 40 cm. With a warranty period of 25 years, the highest quality is guaranteed.
    Length: 40 cm
    Blade length: 180 mm
    Blade: Non-stick coated, Straight-ground
  • Combisystem Window...

    HKD$88.00 Regular price HKD$176.00 -50% Price
    Combisystem Window Cleaner

    Useful for cleaning windows
    High quality, high strength, rubber lips interchangeable
    Extendable with combined system, turn
    Working width: 29 cm
    25 year guarantee
  • 60W Solar Led Double...

    HKD$0.00 Price
    Solar Led Double Light Panel
    Wattage: 60W
    Panel Size: W460 x H350mm
    Support Area: 100-145sqm per single light
    Battery Capacity: 3.2V6000 mah *2
    Duration: > 12 hours after full of charged
    Including 5 meter extended wire
  • Heater Cover

    HKD$300.00 Regular price HKD$600.00 -50% Price
    Water resistance Heater Cover 
  • Outdoor Solar Torch Light

    HKD$50.00 Regular price HKD$100.00 -50% Price
    Safe and Realistic Flame Lights
    High Efficiency and Automatically
    Works up to 12 Hours after Fully Charged
    Easy to Install and Waterproof

    12 LED: 7.5 x 7.5 x 52cm;
    33 LED: 10.5 x 10.5 x 58cm;
    51 / 72 /96 LED: 12.5 x 12.5 x 79cm;
  • Sunbrella Pillows

    HKD$350.00 Regular price HKD$700.00 -50% Price
    Sunbrella Pillows
    Size: 40*40cm
    100% waterproof