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Ultra Patio LED Light Cantilever Umbrella with import fabric

HKD$4,800.00 Save 50%
Anti-UV patented import fabric weight 250 g / m2
Bright LED light
7 LED Strips mounted on the structure
Battery rechargeable via USB port or solar panel, with on / off button
Integrated solar panel to ensure a steady and fast charging at no cost
Solid aluminium frame
Canopy measures: 3 x 3 meters
Umbrella open diagonal size: 4.24 meters
Pole dimensions: 50 x 78 mm
Height from the ground to the canopy: 240 cm

Quality details
Adjustable shade 360° with pedal
Adjustable shade vertically with handle
Splints reinforced windscreen size 15 x 21 mm
Bellows against wind
Colours: Cream, Taupe, Brown, Green and Maroon for your chosen
Metal cross base, waterbase and cover included

Cantilever garden parasol with built in solar panel with LED light and USB charger, square 3x3 m canopy and solid aluminium frame, ideal for hotels, restaurants, clubs and resorts.
The Paradise is a patio free arm umbrella with an integrated solar panel that powers a built in LED light to illuminate and create a unique atmoshpere that will make even more elegant your garden, bars and your restaurants, creating a unique and charming atmosphere. 
The canvas is made out of a patented fabric with UV protection that creates a shadow 8 to 10 degrees cooler than traditional garden parasols, an additional comfort for those seeking relief in its shade. Treat yourself with the pleasure of  dining outdoors both day and night, thanks to its powerful LED light.
The lighting is composed of a main LED central light and 7 LED strips applied to LEDs on the umbrella structure to ensure a well spread and uniform light over the entire surface area. The battery is found on the structure and it is able to recharge itself via the solar panel placed on the top or you can take it out and recharge it via the USB port. 
The Paradise garden umbrella with LED light is a unique quality product, made with innovative materials and high-quality systems to provide a perfectly unique and exclusive product to private individual or public business, the product of years of R&D.
Made entirely of aluminum with coating for outdoors, this garden square parasol  has a pedal at the base to adjust the shadow at 360° (removable if you want to keep it fixed and not let other people, see customers, adjust it at will) and one handle to adjust the shadow vertically. The Paradise is simply the definitive cantilever parasol: practical, elegant and convenient. Perfect for those looking for a professional level product.

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