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Kamado Ceramic BBQ Grill - 19 inches

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Ceramic BBQ Grill is the tried-and-true option for cooking smoky, savory meals time and again. Many expert grill masters appreciate the hands-on appeal of building a charcoal fire, managing the coals for the best heat control, and finally sitting down to enjoy a perfectly grilled steak or burger. It can work as a grill, oven and stove. You can use it to roast chicken, bake pizza, grill vegetable, sear steak, etc. All can be realized in one Ceramic BBQ Grill !

1. MATERIAL: CERAMIC (Cordierite)

2. Size: 19inch ; outer diameter :552.5MM 

3. metal parts : stainless steel

4. Certification: CE;LFGB;FDA (GRAS)



Product Description

1.  professional kamado features

Ceramic Charcoal Barbeque 

Triple spring hinge and thicker band
Stainless steel frame
Bamboo side shelves 
Adjustable cast iron top vent 
Excellent for BBQ grilling, searing,smoking + baking
Ceramic body ensures excellent heat retention at all temperatures  

2.  19 inches ceramic kamado general specifications 

Model No. K019
BBQ grills size 123*60*100CM                                                                       
Main body Diameter 19in/522.5cm
Cooking Area 16”GRID
Package size 63*58*70CM
CTN/package weight 65/80kg


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