Gas Heater

  • Athena Stainless Steel...

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    The Athena 304 Stainless Steel Flame Gas Patio Heater is our most popular gas flame patio heater. Standing tall and handsome, this designer heater not only performs the heating role well but also looks superb. Almost 50% more heat is generated than the standard Athena heater using the glowing infrared heater heat collector and an enhanced reflector.
    Required: Regulator, hose and patio gas tank set
  • Stainless steel gas...

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    Stainless steel gas heater

    Size: 81 x 225cm

    Required: Regulator, hose and patio gas tank set

  • Gas Heater

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    Entertain your family and friends all year round with this portable, functional and stylish outdoor gas heater.
    With a 38.5 MJ/h heat output which heats up to 17 square meters, this gas heater is perfect for keeping your guest warm in your outdoor living area.

    A push button ignition system and settings knob, enables you to easily ignite and set the temperature at your comfort level, while a safety valve ensures your family is always protected, as the unit will immediately shut off if it was to fall.

    Required: Regulator, hose and patio gas tank set
  • Garden Flame Gas Heater

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    – Compact body in steel with powder-coated finish
    – Glass tube enclosed flame for safety
    – Safety auto shut-off tilt valve
    – Heat range up to 20 square meter
    – Uses standard 8kg LPG tank
    – 6-10 hours of burn time
    – Euro CE safety certified
    - Required: Regulator, hose and patio gas tank
  • Commercial Flame Gas...

    HKD$6,500.00 Regular price HKD$13,000.00 -50% Price

    Available in military grade stainless steel $6900 or heat resistant enamel paint $6500 , the Goliath is the a new breed of gas heater with electronic ignition.

    Inclued Cover

    Required: Regulator, hose and patio gas tank set

  • Regulator and hose set

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    Regulator & Hose set

  • Gas, Regulator and...

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    Gas, Regulator and Hose set
    **Only served with new BBQ grill / heater purchased**

  • Heater accessories

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  • Electric Patio Heater...

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    Fantastic electric heating option, equally suitable for indoors or outdoors usage, commercially or at home. Use it to keep you warm on the porch or patio, in your garage, shed or workshop, or in your indoor living areas. This is one of the better outdoor space heaters out there today.
    Electric powered, far more efficient and cheaper to run than comparable gas-powered heaters on the market.
    Move it from location to location with ease.

    Heat output: 2200 watts
    Material: Stainless steel
    Color: Silver
    Weight: 15kg
    Dimension: W58cm x L58cm x H210cm
    Other features: Weatherproof, weighted base
  • uHome Gas Firetable...

    HKD$9,900.00 Regular price HKD$19,800.00 -50% Price
    UHome Gas Firetable Rattan Sofa Set
    3 seater W183 x D75 x H82cm *1
    Single seater W69 x D75 x H82cm *2
    Side coffee table W40 x D40 x H50cm *1
    Fire table W100 x D67 x H44cm *1

    Sofa material:Aluminum
    Fabric: 10cm 100%polyester, waterproof, included 5pcs 40*40cm pillow
    Pillow color is different from photo
    Frame Material: Aluminum
    Power: 50000 BTU
    Ignition Type: Impulse ignition 
    Gas type:External 20lb propane
    Included lava rock
    Required self assembly or + $800 service charge
  • Heater Cover

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    Water resistance Heater Cover